December 16, 2013

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Happy Monday! It was a cold, snowy weekend here in Ottawa, but I managed to spend some quality time on myself while "my little taste tester" was with his Dad.

In spite of the cold weather, I finally started Christmas shopping, mailed holiday cards, and sipped on hot cocoa non-stop. It’s so nice to have some time to observe all of the rituals and rhythms of the season. and now, as I begin a new week, some recipes and reads that have caught my eye lately.

I don’t know what’s more exciting than a square of perfectly flavored dark chocolate …on a stick …begging to be dipped in some hot milk. right?

If you're thinking about edible gift giving, these Hot Chocolate Sticks from fed & look like a perfect gift to me!

Sugar cookies are one of my favorites during the festive season. Purely Twins share a fabulous recipe for the best grain-free egg-free sugar cookies. "My little taste tester" thinks we should make these and leave them out for Santa this year. How cute! He still believes! But then again, so do I !  :)

Speaking of Santa, I'll bet this Kick Ace Extra Sharp Holiday Cheddar Cheese Ball would kick Santa in the ace.

When I saw Emma's Cabbage, Apple and Pomegranate Salad with Ginger Almond Dressing I knew it was a winner. Packed full of superfoods, this salad is so colorful, creative and fun.

I love all things ginger and so does North America's Gluten-Free expert, Kathy Smart. Kathy's No-Bake Gingerbread Man Cookie Dough Balls need to get in my mouth right MEOW!

Speaking of ginger, I love how Davida's Chocolate Gingerbread Granola Bars look... like the perfect thing to make for a Christmas dinner extravaganza. These are definitely on my to-make list!
1. For a long time I went to doctors, alternative medicine professionals, healers and therapists looking for their answers, looking for their handouts and looking for someone to fix me. I viewed myself as broken, as someone who needed to be fixed and glued together. At one point in 2011, I had enough of modern medicine. I was upset, frustrated and disappointed. I felt like the doctors didn't care or pay any attention to me. They didn't find anything wrong with me. Yet they wanted to give me some pills without any reason but guess-work. I had enough and said: no, thank you.

When I moved on to nutritional medicine, got into holistic health and continued my natural, holistic healing journey...and realized that my health is 100% in my own hands. Taking Responsibility For Your Health helped me realize that I am not broken. I do not need to be fixed. I am responsible for my own healing.

I am trying to accept myself as a whole person. I am not perfect. I have things to heal on the physical, emotional and spiritual level. But I am a whole person with my imperfections and problems. I am not broken. I do not need fixing. I am a person with some challenges who is responsible for her own healing journey.

2. Nicole's blog posts are always so inspiring, and with the new year creeping up on us, A Starting Point For Change helped me recognize that it's time to love myself and treat myself well, starting now. it's time to create magic in my life. I deserve it!

3. I have so many food, environmental and chemical sensitivities. Grocery shopping used to be so overwhelming but once I broke things down, it was not so intimidating for me. I stand by the article 3 Health Foods To Avoid. My genetics are starting to catch up with me, plus I have "my little taste tester" to think about too, so I take this stuff very seriously now.

4. This list may seem a little silly but if you're interested, 34 Ways To Make You Stuff Last As Long As Possible can, supposedly, help you stretch your dollar. I had no idea that breaking apart your bananas or wrapping the stems in tin foil makes them last longer!

5. Ben Ralston hits a raw nerve with me in his article Can't Live With My Wife, Can't Live Without My Son. I could share my story as well as it seems so similar, yet different, but almost the same: Pain. Loss. Change. Resistance. Grief. Sorrow. Despair. Rage. The Void. Isolation. Loss of Purpose. Helplessness. Agony. Frustration... -A mother unable to protect her own kids is not a feeling that I can even begin to describe...If you are not familiar with Ben Ralston and his work - or if you are doing your own "work" you may want to go visit his page.

6. The 8-Hour Sleep Myth: How I Learned That Everything I Knew About Sleep Was Wrong, for those who think themselves failure for not sleeping 8 hours straight through the night - “Even a soul submerged in sleep is hard at work and helps make something of the world.” ― Heraclitus, Fragments

7. And finally, The Delicious Dish introduced me to Pete Schweddy and his balls, which sound like a great gift idea this season. Ben & Jerry liked the idea too. Unfortunately, I cannot find this flavor of ice cream anywhere in Canada.

What's one recipe that you have really loved lately?
What have you been reading recently? <---- I have Mockingjay beside me on my bedside table but I haven't started reading it yet.


  1. The fact that you took time to round up so many delicious recipes is awesome, and you've quickly become my favorite person =)

    p.s. you're going to love mockingjay! Enjoy

    1. ohmygosh..i have so many recipes bookmarked and pinned, and half of them will probably just keeping sitting idly, unless i start putting them out there...

      i finally started reading mockingjay the other night before far soooo good! :)

      thanks Jessie! you're always the sweetest! X

  2. Love all those recipes, they all look amazing! Now I need to find the time to make them all :)

    1. i feel the same way too! :) i'll be making a few for Christmas..but time is of the essence :)