December 19, 2013

thinking out loud

I'd be lying if i said that Christmas hasn't been on my mind a lot lately. ANYWAY. I've had a lot of other things on my mind too, which is what today's post is all about: thinking out loud.
This link-up is brought to you by the lovely miss Amanda from running with spoons. I've never tried running with spoons but i think i would be really great at it, especially if there are treats involved.

1. Even though it's only thursday, it actually feels more like a friday for me. as of 2:44pm today, my "little taste tester" officially started his christmas holidays and has the next sixteen days off from school.

2. What is your favorite Christmas song/album? My favorite is The Bells Of Dublin by The Chieftains. When I was growing up, celebrating Christmas with my family, and especially with my brothers and sisters, was an unforgettable experience. Our father played this album every year at Christmas time and made this album unforgettable for me and for all of us. #ILoveYouDaddy

3. Speaking of music, I've been listening to Lorde's album more and more over time, and the more I listen to it, the more songs I like. Her music is like a breath of fresh air and then some...and she's a kiwi too, which I adore. Lorde fans..what are your favorite songs off the album?

4. I've been watching Once Upon A Time on Netflix and I am loving it. With each episode, I feel like I'm taking a trip into the woods to discover the mythology behind Red Riding Hood or to learn more about Snow White. Rumplestiltskin has really been messing with my head though.

5. There's a new gym in Ottawa called Liquid Gym. It's a North American first - with physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, recreation, training, and an endless pool, all in the same location.  This is obviously not your typical gym though. It’s for people with injuries or medical conditions who will benefit from hydrotherapy and range of motion exercises. The Ottawa Senators have one of these amazing underwater treadmills in their dressing room, but the Liquid Gym has six of them.

6. I love all things ginger (and molasses too). When a friend messaged me to tell me about a new Ginger Secret she had heard about, and that it was the best thing ever, of course I was all ears. I laughed at her because I've known about the Ginger Secret for years and I can attest that it is the fastest way to prepare fresh ginger, plus you will be able to always have it on hand. Curious yet? Here it is. Enjoy!

7. On the topic of food, there are so many things I want to make this weekend. Cookies, balls, squares, salads, green things, blue things, and purple things too! What are you making for Christmas? Please share. I will love you forever! :)

Seven is my favorite/lucky that's my cue to say Goodnight, Sleep Tight and Shine Bright! X


  1. 7 is my favourite number as well :D And molasses... oh goodness, don't even get me started on that stuff. Can you believe that I actually finished off an ENTIRE bottle of it? I remember cartons of molasses lasting for YEARS when I was still living with my parents. Apparently I just like my gingerbread this year...

    1. You're literally making me laugh right now! :) When I was young(er), I remember the same thing happening at my house. My Mom would (try to) sneak it in to our oatmeal but we always knew it was in there. The carton would sit so long in the cupboard that the molasses would eventually just ooze out of the bottom...and none of us kids wanted anything to do with it.

      I thank my Mom now because I love that stuff so much! :) Good for you for polishing off the entire bottle! I'm ALMOST there :)

  2. Love Lorde! One of my fav songs if off and earlier album and it's called "bravado". Also if you like Lorde check out Haim. Their new album is epic! Happy Friday Wahoooo!

    1. No way! asifyoujustsaidthat! Bravado was my first favorite song by Lorde! :) I want all of those things too! :)

      I've listened to a few songs from Haim and really love what I've heard so far, I think I got the idea about them from YOU, to be honest. Did you have them listed on your playlist that you shared a little while back? Did you also know that they'll be in Toronto in May? You have the best taste in music btw! :)

  3. 7 and 13 are my favorite numbers, I think Friday the 13th gets a bad wrap I love it! :) I like Lorde as well Bravado and Ribs are my favorite of hers! Have a great weekend Maria!

    1. ha! When I was younger, I never liked the number 13..I always thought it was a "dark" number..but it's grown on me over the years and I no longer think of it that way.

      Like you, I've been loving Ribs lately..400 Lux too. You obviously have great taste in music! :)

      Thanks so much for visiting Jen! And thank you sooooo much the link to the Avocado Truffle recipe! :)