December 1, 2013

(selfie) + spill it, sundays

happy sunday! it's the first of december..and Ba Da Ba Da Da...i'm lovin' it (already). i do not eat mcdonald's.

spill it, sundays is a new ingredient brought to you by the big letter A (Arman), of Australia, where today is the first day of summer.

spill #1: i may move to Australia for the next several months.

The big man's world
special thanks to the big man, Arman, for hosting this super sunday bowl of fun!

oh, what a night! early december two thousand thirteen. what a very special time for me...

i don't usually do the selfie thing...

question. how many pics do you take t'il you get to the center of it ?

spill #2: it took me three shots to get this pic (i'm not drunk).

spill #3: cultural background
half scottish and half irish, french and dutch.
mom has red hair. dad has had red hair. two brothers and five sisters have red hair.
none of our children have red hair though.

spill #4: most memorable birthday + why
my tenth birthday was pretty special. for the first time, i had a birthday party at my house with my friends. my sixteenth birthday was pretty special too. my friends surprised me with dinner at eastside mario's + gifts. my twenty third birthday was a celebration with a few close family members while i was in vancouver. we even had cake :) i celebrated my thirtieth birthday with my sisters..poppin' bottles in the ice...
my thirtieth bday with three of my five sissys.
as i remember what a night

spill #5: one thing i want to accomplish in my lifetime
i will own a bistro/cafe/restaurant.
"my little taste tester" thought of a great name for my first product.
he already made a commercial about it too.
i got this.
what a lady, what a night!

spill #6: stoopidest thing i've ever done 
met a guy in toronto and went to british columbia with him the same day. 
i left three days later...
but i got to stay here, which was amazing! 

spill #7: childhood hero
mariah carey. 
or any female singer who had a chance to sing on star search
i wanted to be that girl!  



  1. you WILL make it happen! I love this new linkup. I get to learn new things about some of my favourites :)

  2. I ALWAYS have so big trouble getting a presentable selfie. I would say an average of 5-10 shots before there is one I can show. A lovely bunch of red-haired siblings :-) how funny none of thechildren is red haired though :-)

    1. Right?! And some people have no history of red hair in their family..then someone has a baby with a head of red..that's so funny when that happens!

      I'm (slowly) getting used to the selfie thing :)

  3. December 1963! I love that song!!!

    Don't worry, I suck at selfies at well, even when I'm using the front facing camera and can see myself in the screen. :P

    Your birthday celebrations sound like a lot of fun and I'm so grateful that Arman came up with this link up. It's really nice to meet some new, well new to me, bloggers!

    p.s. Love the name of your blog!

    1. YES! THANK YOU for naming the song..I was beginning to wonder if anyone would catch on to that?!

      I think selfies suck (sometimes)! But they're kinda, sorta fun too :P

      Arman IS too awesome for doing this for all of us! Connecting people together is just what this world NEEDS..pleased to "meet" you!

      LOVE the name of your blog too! cute!