October 30, 2013

wiaw : my block

ever since i started writing this little blog, i’ve accumulated a lot of things. posts. pictures. friends. words. really nice comments. and of course, a lot of recipes. some of them my own, while many of them the genius of others.

honestly though, some of these recipes, i’ve only made once or twice. but others are staples in my weekly cooking rotation. and as october winds down, i’ve been making an effort to cook more and revisit some of the old recipes i’ve forgotten about.

reflection is a lovely thing, especially when food is involved and it's what i ate wednesday.

i think Jenn eats peas and colors with crayons. i like spinach and my favorite color is yellow.
every week, without fail, Jenn throws a big party on her blog. if you like eating, you should check it out.

without further adieu, here is a short list of what i've been eating lately. i think it encompasses a lot of love and good eating from me to you.

cheers, my friends.

one. red lentil and spinach curry (vegan tikka masala) from the taste space. sooooo good! warming, creamy, and perfectly spicy. i eat this over rice and it is awesome!

two. white bean and kale soup from vegetarian times. i wasn't a fan of this the first time i made it but my eight year old son loooooves it. i really like how the flavors meld together when you let it sit overnight - and it freezes well too.

three. no bake elvis bars from oh she glows. apparently, Elvis liked banana and peanut butter sandwiches (with bacon too). instead of peanut butter, these use banana and almond butter with a delicious almond-based crust. sorry, no bacon. there's chocolate instead.

four.  homemade pizza with jalapeno "nut meat", tomato sauce, basil macadamia cheeze, and marinated veggies. this isn't an "under five minutes recipe" (like most raw vegan treats) because of the dehydrated crust. one word. awesome.

five. super easy falafel with lemon garlic aioli : it's a little weird and totally amazing, trust me.

six. green monster smoothie. bananas + homemade almond milk + spinach+ dates + vanilla + cinnamon + nutmeg equals pure bliss. i do a lot of smoothies over here and this is one of my favorites!

seven. 5 ingredient chocolate mousse. i can't seem to keep this stuff in the fridge. "my little taste tester" loves to get his hands on it and gobble it all up like a turkey. or a moose.

thanks so much for coming over to my block - where everything is everything.

                                         fa sheezy


  1. Yum-Yum-Yum! I'll take one of everything PLEASE! I think my favorite recipe you posted would be the kale & white bean soup. Nothing beats a warm fall soup.. even if we don't really celebrate fall here, Ha Ha. I can pretend right? :)

    1. great eye Jessie! this soup is amazeschwalls! and what?! no fall?! ohmygoodness..then pretend away,, my dear :D you can eat way more food that way too lol.

  2. Those ELVIS BARS - OOOOOO MY!!! :P

    - GiGi Eats Celebrities

    1. when i first ate one, i wasn't a huge fan..but then i tried another one .. and then another one.. and then i finally realized that they're Simply Irresistible! http://youtu.be/UrGw_cOgwa8

  3. Yay! I am so glad you liked the curry! :)

    1. this curry is one of my favorite currys...and you have sooooo many more that i want to try.

      i'm so impressed with all of your recipes, Janet :) can you believe that i had never caramelized onions (for 45 minutes) before i read your blog? ha