October 28, 2012

Sunday Confessions #2

Happy Sunday!
I'm linking up with Alyx at Every Day is a New Adventure for Sunday Confessions.

Thanks for the super fun link-up, Alyx!
For today's edition of Sunday Confessions, I found a post on Jessie’s blog (Jessie Loves To Run) and thought it would be a great way to share some exciting, or perhaps mundane aspects of my life. To be honest, Jessie got the idea from Alex’s blog (The Run Within), who got the idea from another blogger named Tazmin. That’s getting confusing but I’m sure you get the idea. This post idea is definitely making the rounds.

So here goes…

Alphabet Survey

A is for Age: I like to say 29 (forever). Truth is I'm 33 years old young. I've named this year "My Jesus Year".

B is for Breakfast today:  Hazelnut Raisin manna bread topped with Almond Butter.

C is for Currently Craving: Nothing at this EXACT moment. Recent cravings include: Potatoes. Spaghetti Squash. Soup. Chips. Rice. Sushi. Americano's. Chocolate. Raspberry Linzer Squares. Nothing Pumpkin :P I am not easily led into temptations (except for chocolate).

D is for Dinner tonight: Unknown

E is for favorite type of Exercise: Yoga

F is for an irrational Fear: Fire

G is for Gross food: Nutella.  I've avoided it for years.

H is for Hometown: Williamstown, Ontario. Canada

I is for something Important: To be the greatest and highest version of my Self  that I can possibly be.

J is for current favorite Jam: I don't have a favorite "jam". Songs get stuck in my head sometimes like "It's Love" by Kina Grannis or "Brothers and Sisters" by Coldplay. I like raspberry jam.

K is for Kids: One incredibly sweet, intelligent, loving little boy.

L is for current Location: Ottawa, Ontario. Canada

M is for the most recent way you spent Money: Purchased one of the last two tickets to an upcoming yoga event with a live DJ.
N is for something you Need: There's nothing I necessarily "need", yet a nice new Winter Jacket, like the one in this picture    ----------------►
would be pretty sweet!

O is for Occupation: Mom. Teacher. Sister. Musician. Chef. Healer. Coach. Volunteer. Writer. Financial Planner. Interior Decorator. Artist. Photographer. Friend. Personal Shopper. Housekeeper. Counsellor.

P is for Pet Peeve[s]: Crumbs in my bed. Broken promises. Tangled wires. An almost empty toilet paper roll. Guys who don't put the toilet seat down or flush the toilet. The fire alarm in my building.

Q is for a Quote: I have so many favorites: “It matters not who you love, where you love, why you love, when you love or how you love, it matters only that you love” - John Lennon

Check out my Pinterest Board for more Quotes.

R is for Random fact about you: I can play the violin, flute, and piano.

S is for favorite healthy Snack: Almond Butter on a Golden Delicious Apple or with a Banana.

T is for favorite Treat: Chocolate Covered Blueberry Bliss Balls are one of my favorite "treats".

U is for something that makes you Unique: My family. 1 older brother. 1 younger brother. 5 younger sisters. All Redheads :D Mom and Dad too ☼

V is for favorite Vegetable: I love ALL vegetables: Kale, Collard Greens, Beets, Brussel Sprouts, Sugar Snap Peas, Bok Choy.

W is for today’s Workout: Early morning hot yoga session. Perfect rainy day weather workout.

X is for X-rays you’ve had: Dental x-rays. MRI on my knee. Bone-density tests.

Y is for Yesterday’s highlight: Re-arranging my home: bedrooms and living room.

Z is for your time Zone: Eastern Standard Time (GMT -5hrs)

So there you have it!

I want to thank Jessie for inspiring me to write this post and Alyx for another Sunday Confessions link-up.

Choose any letter(s) and tell me your answer(s)!

I also encourage you to participate in the Alphabet Survey by blogging about your answers.
If you do decide to participate why not leave your link in the comments and I’ll pop over and check them out.

Oh and don’t forget to visit the bloggers mentioned above too.


  1. I don't like Nutella, either. I just don't get what the big deal is, I think it's gross.

    And I like your answer for "O" - as moms and wives we wear so many hats that it's hard to answer that age-old question: 'what do you do for a living?' Um, what DON'T we do??!! :)

    Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a happy Sunday!!

    1. Ha! It's nice to hear from someone who agrees that Nutella IS gross! I mean look at the ingredients: Sugar, palm oil, hazelnuts (which I love) - but skim milk, soy lecithin, and vanillin? No thanks!

      ...and the list goes on with the letter O, right?! I used this on my resume as well :D Makes for an excellent conversation starter :)

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Mia! Enjoy your Sunday! XO

  2. Fun survey, I like your answers too.

    A yoga event with a DJ sounds fab, is it one of these Funk The Buddha things?

    My favorite exercise is boxing but I like a lot of different types of exercise.

    1. Hey, thanks Erin! This particular yoga event is a fundraiser for the Global Seva Challenge India project (supports women and girl survivors of sex trafficking in India). Two of my favourite Ottawa yoga instructors and DJ HyFi, one of the worlds leading Yoga DJs will provide the groovin' beats and bliss.

      I've never heard of Funk The Buddha. It's the same concept though - I Googled it :)

      Boxing?! That's pretty hardcore, Erin! Soooo awesome!

  3. I am probably going to steal this survey too... yA know.. just to keep it goin hahaha

    1. Hey, Go for it Azia! You have my full permission to do so :P I'll be sure to stop by sometime soon to check out all your answers! X

  4. Gosh Maria, I just love you! You are so sweet for recognition. I loved learning more about you. Even though I already knew you got tickets to the yoga event with the DJ... I hope you have the most marvelous time <3

    1. Love you too hun! And You're most welcome, Jessie! You're the sweetest dollface I know! What a wonderful world we live in - blogging is such an amazing thing! You were the first person I told about that ticket purchase :P The event isn't until Nov 24th though, gee I can barely contain myself lol X

  5. I don't like Nutella either! I always thought I was the only one in the world! I just don't understand the love for it!

    1. Yes! I'm soo happy to hear that you share the same opinion as I do Laura Darling (love that).

      Funny story..When I was a big gym buff, a few gals from my club were training for fitness competitions and following a very strict eating plan (chicken breast, sweet potatoes, shakes, oatmeal, egg whites). As soon as the competition wss over, they'd dig into a jar of Nutella by the spoonful. It was pretty gross!

      I could never understand it either!

  6. whoa love your big red headed family! how unique are you guys as a bunch!

    1. Thanks hun! We're a pretty awesome family, if I do say so myself lol.

      Funny though, my younger sister Erin and I are the only two out of the bunch that don't have a fiery red head of hair. Our hair is more of a strawberry blond colour.

      We're all very loyal, logical, friendly, reserved people yet we can be quite opinionated, even hotheaded at times.

      Keeps things interesting, that's for sure :D

  7. I love that quote you chose!

  8. What a great idea and post! :) Love it!
    My irrational fear is deep water!

  9. Such a great post!! Love it. Found your through the swap!! hi! :)