October 8, 2012

Marvelous in My Monday #5

Today is Thanksgiving Day! What a wonderful time to celebrate all the little, yet so important things in our lives.
Why Canada celebrates Thanksgiving ‘early’

Have you ever wondered why Canada’s Thanksgiving is celebrated before the American date?

Not many people (myself included) realize that Canadians actually began the tradition first! The Europeans had celebrated harvest in late October or early November for centuries. Then, when the English explorer Martin Frobisher arrived in Newfoundland in 1578, he wanted to give thanks for his safe arrival to the New World, so Thanksgiving began being celebrated on November 6th in Canada. That means the first Thanksgiving in Canada was celebrated more than 40 years before the pilgrims landed in Plymouth, Massachusetts!

Canadians changed the date for Thanksgiving, after the World Wars, because Remembrance Day (November 11th) kept falling on the same weekend. October suited us better too, as harvest arrives earlier with us being situated further North! Source
In this season of giving, I want to take this moment to let you know how much I truly appreciate all of you: for all of your kind words, your continued love and support, and encouragement. I am forever thankful!
In this little life of mine, I Am forever Grateful For:

My Life. My Son. My Family. My Extended Family. Traditions. My Friends. My Readers. The Gift of Life. The Air I Breathe. The Best Food Ever. Sunshine. The Light. Color. Rainbows. Raindrops. The Moon and Stars. Gardens. Dreams. Being Unconditionally Loved. Being A Nice Person. Nice People. Accomplishing Goals. Being Able to Laugh. The Seasons. Rain. Books. Giving Gifts. Tears of Joy. Tears of Release. Campfires. The Dark. Opinions. The Ocean. Positivity. Rivers. Lakes. Water. Wildlife. Hiking Trails. Acceptance. Hope. Animals. Planting A Seed. Generosity. Passion. Helping Others. Green Smoothies. Green Juice. Photos. People. Birds. Yoga. Honesty. Organization. Good News. Mother Earth. The Environment. Memories. Mistakes. Libraries. The Hard Times. Excitement. Falling Snow. Fun. Music. Patience. Inspirational Quotes. Recycling. Love. Synchronicity. Flowers. Exercise. Sunrises and Sunsets. Holidays. Trust. Being Myself. Today. Choice. Today. Smiles. Sleep. Creativity. Peace. Forgiveness. Travel. Organic Farmers. Learning New Things. Listening. Intuition. Meditation. Awareness. Freedom. Me.

Celebrate and Live Life!

Celebrating the holidays with family is always such a special time for me.
Is it just me or does time always seem to move more quickly when you finally have the chance to spend time with the people you love?
Perhaps, it's just the Universe's way of saying "Spend More Time"...
...almost as if it's asking us "What Are You Waiting For?"
A Canadian Thanksgiving Menu

According to The Food Network Canada, a Canadian Thanksgiving Menu consists of Classic and contemporary recipes that add homemade flair to your harvest feast!

This year's Thanksgiving menu featured Maple Syrup Glazed Smoked Ham, Plump and Juicy Turkey, Smoky Chorizo Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Cranberry Sauce, Fresh Steamed Asparagus, Pumpkin Pie, and Layered Chocolate Mousse Cake.
Naturally, I contributed a few things to the mix:
Massaged Kale Salad with Carrots & Tahini Dream Dressing (recipe from Natasha Kyssa), Mint Chocolate Chip Macaroons (recipe adapted from purely twins Holiday Macaroons), Sweet Potato Casserole (recipe from In the Raw), and Pumpkin Chocolate Swirl Cheezecake (recipe from Sweetly Raw).

So there you are. A Canadian Family Thanksgiving. Hope that all of my fellow Canadians had a marvelous Thanksgiving filled with good food, family, friends, and love. And a very Happy Columbus Day to all my American friends as well!

And that, my lovelies, is why I'm feeling soooooooo marvelous today!
Thank you and a big squeeze to the lovely miss Katie for this marvelous idea. Always a marvelous way to start my Monday!! XO

What's in your favorite Family Thanksgiving meal?
What are some of the things in your life that you're grateful for?
Share what you're feeling marvelous about today :]


  1. I wish it was Thanksgiving here in America!! I LOVE my dad's honey baked beans and I make an awesome corn casserole!!!!

    1. Ohmygoodness! I forgot about baked beans. I'd always sneak loving spoonfuls of beans from the pot while they were cooking :P Mom still doesn't know jk/lol. I've never tried any casserole with corn, except Shephard's Pie. Sounds tasty :) Happy Columbus Day btw (at least it's a holiday), right?

  2. What a beautiful post. Oh how I would do anything for a yummy Thanksgiving meal right about now! I hope you and your family have the most wonderful holiday xo

    1. Thank you Jessie! You always have the sweetest things to say :] I'd ship you a nice warm plate of food if I could..imagine?! #itspossible