October 22, 2012

Marvelous in My Monday #7 (My 1st Award + A Smoothie Recipe)

When I started writing this little blog, I had no idea that there was such a thing as a Blog Award. I always thought a BLOG AWARD is when someone leaves me a sweet comment, likes my post or follows my blog.

Imagine my surprise and delight when this sweet little lady nominated me for the Super Sweet Award. Thank you, sweet Jessie, for your kind nomination for the Super Sweet Blogging Award and for always making me smile with your sweet, loving comments. I am truly honored and humbled.

I knew nothing about blog awards and I thought that because I was nominated I would have to compete with all the other nominees and that there would be one winner.
Fortunately, this community is much less complicated than that.

Rules for the Super Sweet Blogging Award:
  1. Give credit to the person who nominated you.
  2. Nominate a Baker's Dozen (13) other blogs.
  3. Post the award on your blog.
  4. Answer the following 5 "Super Sweet" questions:
Cookies or Cake? C is for Cookie! That's good enough for me! 

Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla.

Did you know that vanilla comes from the stem of an orchid? Me either!

Try using WHOLE vanilla bean in a chocolate smoothie + ice = Total  Annihilation!

What is your Favorite Sweet Treat? "Taste Tester" kisses are the ultimate sweet treat!

Almond Butter with Maple Syrup is pretty sweet too though. A perfect muffin topper, apple or banana boat dipper, celery spread, or straight off a spoon or finger.

When do you Crave sweet things the most? Late at night. Mid-afternoon can be pretty bad too.

If you had a Sweet Nickname, what would it be? Sweet Maria (like a Sweet Marie chocolate bar, only a whole lot sweeter!)

A boy in highschool used to call me "Sweet Maria".  It used to annoy the heck out of me. When his hot guy friends started calling me "Sweet Maria" too, I eventully started to like my nickname. I never did like the boy though (in a "like" like sort of way). Sorry Sandi.

Nominations for this award:

The Adventures of MJ and Hungryman Min is a super sweet writer, wife, baker and photographer who is currently in school working on her Master's in Nutrition.

The Raw Serenity Australian wellness warrior and green smoothie addict Lisa shares fantastic plant-based vegan recipes and talks about her incredible wellness journey, which has led her to take control of her health and overall well-being.

Char Eats Greens Char is a passionate nutritionist, veggie lover, marathon runner, wife, soon-to-be momma, and fellow Canadian gal.

Miranda's Munchie's Miranda is another Canadian lady who blogs about her journey towards a healthy lifestyle and a positive mentality.

fridge scrapings Lou is a vegan mama who loves to cook healthy eats and tasty treats for the whole family.

Every Day is a New Adventure Alyx is a fun-loving food-lover, wife, daughter, sister, lover, friend, bookworm, for-fun photographer and pillow hog. Join her adventure and link-up to her weekly Sunday Confessions, a time for honesty and openness. Confess to anything and everything you choose.

Colour Me Happy Allie takes snapshots, tells stories, and makes life a little more inspirational.

Wayfaring Chocolate Hannah writes about chocolate, desserts, travel, and, most importantly. laughter.

The Bliss Project Manon is a teacher, runner, dancer, yogini, dessert-lover, and fellow participant in the Be The Change: 30 Day Yoga Challenge.

A Spoonful of Sunshine Theresa is a fun food and fitness lover who is very passionate about outdoor activities, food, and a healthy lifestyle.

susonia.com Susan, a Canadian mom, is on a quest to a healthy life filled with funky foods, fitness, fun and happiness

fitness, food and photography A full-time working mom who married her high school sweetheart. I love her food philosophy: "when you eat crap, you feel like crap".

In Her Chucks Heather is a wife, mommy, kitchen queen and music teacher who shares her joy of life through her posts.

I will leave a note with each of my nominees stating that if they don’t want their award to contact me. If I receive any declining bloggers, I will post another nominee(s).

Congratulations to all the winners!

And now...

A Marvelous Smoothie Recipe
*I realize I mis-spelled the word Blueberries in the photo and I didn't correct it!. Judge me if you want to but I'll still love you! <3


1 Banana, fresh or frozen (I prefer frozen)
2 (or more) cups frozen berries of choice
2 handfuls Baby Spinach
Handful of pumpkin & sunflower seeds
1 TBSP almond or cashew butter
1 TBSP chia seeds
1-2 TBSP hemp seeds
dash of vanilla
Fresh apple juice, enough to liquify*
*Instead of using apple juice, 
toss in a chopped apple and use water as your liquid

*Add-ins (depends on your preference):
1 TBSP Super Green Food Powder
1 TBSP flaxseed oil or hemp seed oil
1 TBSP maca powder
1/2 serving vanilla protein powder

Place all ingredients in a high-speed blender
and whip into creamy perfection.

And that, my lovelies, is why I'm feeling Marvelous in My Monday!

Thank you miss Katie for hosting this Monday morning block party!
You truly help put a nice, shiny sparkle in my Monday!


  1. Yum. That smoothie looks like a great start to a Monday!

    Hmm, I've never tried putting the whole vanilla bean in a smoothie. Interesting! Sounds tasty!

    1. Ohmy gosh! Vanilla bean adds so much flavor to smoothies. You can actually use the whole vanilla bean pod. Just cut the ends off, chop the pod into small pieces, and toss them in the blender with the rest of your ingredients. 1 whole vanilla bean is a goreat substitution for about 2 tsp of vanilla extract. Soooo good!

  2. Thank you! What lovely words :) And such a gorgeous smoothie!

    1. You're most welcome, Hannah! Thank you so much for stopping by :D

  3. Aww! Thank you for the nomination and your kind words! Totally made my day!
    And your smoothie sounds divine! I haven't had a smoothie in a very long time, and this just made me want one right now! I love the addition of flaxseeds! I just wrote my research paper on their preventative effects against breast cancer. Can't wait to share my findings with you soon :). Hope you have a marvelous week!

    1. You're very welcome, Min! I loooove your blog by the way..I subscribe to it by email. I looove all your recipe shares and the stunning photos literally make me drool all over my laptop lol. I especially enjoyed your post on the Best Lasagna Ever! Sooo cute!

      I've heard of studies that show the effects of flaxseed on cancer, so naturally, I'm intrigued with your research. I'd love to read all about your findings. I'll keep my eye out for this post :) Keep being marvelous, Min <3 xo

  4. Your welcome girl. Thank you so much for the sweet introduction too :)

    Ohh & my goodness, your smoothie sounds delicious!!

    1. Banana, Blueberries, Blackberries, Cherries (which I know you love) most definitely hit the spot! You're welcome, Jessie! ..and Thank YOU for the award :P You're always So sweet and kind, as usual <3 xo

  5. Smoothie looks fabulous!

    Haha! Love the cookie monster! Love how you added him in there for that cookie or cake question :)

    Happy week to you love!

    1. I just realized that I hit the comment button instead of the reply button. Nevertheless, I did reply to your comment, below. Sorry for the confusion Katie!

  6. Tee hee, no one can eat cookies quite like the Cookie Monster! The crumbs and chunks of cookies falling out of his mouth always made me smile :) Have a marvelous week, Katie :D Thanks so much for visiting :))

  7. Definitely going to need to be giving that smoothie a shot ASAP!! :)

    1. Hey Chels! I'm soo bad at replying to comments on here - I usually hit the comment button instead of the reply button by mistake..oopsie! I DID reply to your comment though. I just wanted to apologize for the confusion :)

  8. It's a good one Chels! Pleasantly smooth, creamy, and simply dee-licious! :D