July 11, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday #3

Although I missed out on a few editions of What I Ate Wednesday, I'd like to try to continue posting about what I eat during the week.

I am so grateful to Jenn @ Peas and Crayons for hosting this weekly event. If you'd like to learn more about What I Ate Wednesday, or if you'd like to see what other bloggers are eating, please visit Jenn's blog.

Pre-Breakfast: Lemon water every morning without fail. I may also add a dash of cayenne pepper (helps with elimination and is an excellent liver tonic). Other mornings, I like a shot of E3Live (followed with water). Both are a great way to start the day!

Breakfast: I've been eating homemade G"raw"nola with fresh Almond Mylk. I like to top it off with half a banana and a bunch of blueberries. 

Workout Snacks: Fruit Smoothie and/or fruit juice or a Green Smoothie or Green Juice or an apple and a handful of almonds.  I also love Vega Whole Food Vibrancy Bars.  

Lately, I've been doing alot of fast-paced walking. "My Little Taste Tester" likes to ride his bike while I speed walk and try and catch him.  He's usually stuck waiting for me though because he's faster than fast and quicker than quick!



Powering through my Vinyasa Flow class

Lunch: On days when I have yoga practice in the late morning or afternoon, I'll take along a mixed green salad or guacamole or a collard green wrap and eat sometime after class.

Dinner: I love eating large mixed green salads with sprouts and nut pâté or lightly steamed vegetables (sweet potato or broccoli). It may not seem like much but it is...and it's soooo satisfying!

Evening Snack: I've been munching on slices of Raw Cherry Cheezecake all week☺I also made a nice chocolate sauce for the perfect topping. Cherries and chocolate...these are two of my favorite things this week!!

My final thoughts? Take time to learn about nutrition and Practice healthy lifestyle choices too.  You deserve it!!


  1. I have yet to make a green smoothie although they sound great! I need to make smoothies in general. Everything looks yummy!

    1. Hi Fran! Please come back and let me know when you taste one ok? I'd love to hear about it.

  2. Wow the Vinyasa Flow class looks so cool! What a great way to unwind..

    1. Yes, you're exactly right Kelly! Such a great way to unwind! This particular class had 917 yogis and yoginis practicing together under the hot sun..it was soooo empowering!

  3. I love your pictures and your eats! Also--Yoga in the park looks so relaxing, I wish we did that here!

    1. I wish everyone had the opportunity to do this..Practicing yoga outdoors definitely gives off an incredible feeling! Thank you for the nice comment :)