July 25, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday #5

Fun, Food, & Fitness

I love Wednesday's! 
I love Fun! 
I love Food! 
I love Fitness!

Sending big hugs and warm fuzzies to Jenn @ Peas and Crayons for hosting this wonderful weekly blogging event.

Here's a look at what "The Taste Tester" and I did for fun this week:

Sunkisses and Sandcastles

It was a perfect sunny day to spend Wednesday afternoon doing yoga on Parliament Hill.

930 yogis and yoginis joined Amber Stratton, co-owner and teacher and her amazing team from Pure Yoga Ottawa for another incredible session.

"My Little Taste Tester" joined me once again this week and really impressed me with his determination to strike the perfect pose.

Ottawa photographer Bill Juillette snapped this photo of us.

I also found a few nice photos of us on my local Lululemon Athletica Facebook page. 

Thank you Lululemon Athletica for facilitating this magical event!

Thank you Amber Stratton and your wonderful team at Pure Yoga Ottawa for leading us through this weeks sunny session ☼

Here's a look at what I ate:

Breakfast: Simply Raw's Sun-Filled Smoothie-freshly pressed orange juice grapefruit juice, water, banana, sunflower sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, kale, spinach, parsley, and chia seeds + E3 Live

Mid-morning: 2 TBSP Bee Pollen (not pictured) and homemade Maple Cinnamon Sprouted Buckwheat cereal topped with fresh Blueberries.

Late Lunch + Leftovers for Dinner: "The Taste Tester" and I ate at The Green Door Restaurant, "Ottawa's oldest and best-known vegetarian restaurant".

I love this little restaurant because of its "pay-by-weight", cafeteria and buffet style of eating. Plus, everything on the menu is organic and vegetarian with many gluten-free/dairy-free options.

On my plate I had: Green Bean & Dill Salad, Marinated Beet Salad, Avocado Salad, Mung Bean Noodles, Vegan Sushi, Organic Kalamata Olives, Marinated Bell Peppers, Cauliflower Salad, Zucchini Salad, and Marinated Cherry Tomatoes. 

I also had a slice of raw vegan pie but I forgot to write down the name of it. It was heavenly! I was tempted to buy a second slice to bring home with me but I didn't.
Evening Snacks included a delicious Ginger Cinnamon Buckwheat snack and some Pink Salt Sacha Inchi seeds.
Happy WIAW! That's all, folks!

xo Maria


  1. Those photos of you and your little guy doing yoga together are so sweet! What a great event! That is quite a healthy looking smoothie. I would love to try one!

    1. I have to agree! I hope I'll get my little guy to join me at yoga as well one day! Well, technically he did join me at prenatal and post-natal yoga, but he's almost walking now, so I'd have to chase after him and probably get no yoga in at all... :)

    2. Thanks! @JoKnows We always look forward to spending our Wednesday's together at yoga.
      Here's the recipe for the smoothie if you'd like to try it:
      Sun-Filled Smoothie
      1 cup freshly pressed OJ
      1 cup purified/filtered water
      1/2 banana
      2 cups sunflower sprouts (greens)
      handful alfalfa sprouts
      2 cups baby greens
      handful parsley leaves
      2 tbsp soaked flax or chia seeds
      Blend all the ingredients together. Enjoy!

    3. lol @susan So many children have been joining in on the fun! I notice more and more moms at each session..you'd be surprised. Before these classes though, I could've never got away with bringing my little guy with me either..he likes the chase as well :))

  2. I love that you're doing the bee pollen. I'ts been on my list to try. have you noticed a difference since incorporating it?

    1. Providing that you're not allergic to bees, bee pollen is amazing. After visiting a local apiary, the owner suggested it for treating fatigue, sinusitis, and nutritional deficiencies to name a few..so naturally I bought a batch. I know of a few athletes and bodybuilders who swear by it as well. You'd love it! http://www.bee-pollen-buzz.com/bee-pollen-benefits.html

  3. I'm loving the loks of your eats, especially breakfast! That smoothie looks so healthy and delicious. I love health cafes and that one sounds to die for!:)

    1. Thank you! This was a great breakfast indeed, especially the smoothie. I love little cafes as well, always so warm and inviting!