May 13, 2012

Choose Your Own Adventure

I am so excited to tell you about my fun, new food adventure.

Raw food is something I've been exploring all week.

I love discovering new foods and although I wasn't 100% sure on where to begin, I did some research and found tons of information.

In the blogging world, fellow Canadian gals Heather, a trained chef and yoga instructor at Sweetly Raw and Carmella at The Sunny Raw Kitchen have been my online mentors this week. I love Carmella's green smoothie recipe, which I have been sipping on daily.

Raw foods are simple, easy-to-find, fun, and enjoyable.

The Taste Tester certainly agrees:

2 days before this he wanted nothing to do with any of it!

This diagram pretty much sums it up:

Here's a look at what I've been eating:

1. Breakfast: 1-2 cups fresh Fruit and/or Vegetables-either whole, as a smoothie or freshly juiced.

2. Lunch: Salad Tornado with dark leafy greens like spinach, arugula, and watercress. They contain rich sources of the essential minerals calcium, iron and magnesium and provide plant based protein. Healthy raw fats: avocado, olives, coconut, flaxseed and hemp seed, to provide the EFA's necessary for proper brain and nerve functioning, and for that "satisfied" feeling.

3. Dinner: 1-2 cups of Vegetables (red/green cabbage, zucchini, or carrots). For an easy sandwich replace the bread with collard greens or romaine lettuce.

I'm really loving Ani Phyo's book Ani's Raw Food Kitchen for her interesting recipes that are quick, easy, and super delicious in every single way.

4. Snacks: Fresh fruit pieces, cut-up vegetables, guacamole with fresh jicamaraw nuts or seeds, raw granola, or some coconut. Nut butter with banana or with an apple and celery pieces. Seaweeds, raw carob/cacao powder, cold pressed olive oil and certain spices and seasonings.

Whole, ripe, raw, organic foods in their natural state are what help to keep us healthy, vibrant and free of sickness and disease.

5. Water: Drink lots of water. Water is always my #1 choice of beverage. I drink water even when I'm not thirsty because water is so good for you. Clean and fluoride free is key.

What are the Benefits of the Raw Food Diet?

Eating raw food has helped many people heal themselves of diabetes, fibromyalgia, acne, migraines, back pain, neck and joint pain, asthma, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hypoglycemia, colitis, diverticulitis, Candida, arthritis, serious allergies, depression, anxiety, mood swings, heartburn, gas, bloating, skin diseases, obesity, chronic fatigue, cancers and many more.

Eating raw and living foods has helped many people feel better when nothing else has worked.
I've noticed that people who eat raw food have a natural glow to their skin, a shine to their hair, a sparkle in their eyes, a healthy, fit, body and they look younger than their age. They have a youthful energy and they feel good about themselves and happy to be alive!

People have noticed that their hair turns back to its natural color, their teeth get tighter and gums stop bleeding, wrinkles, deep creases and age spots disappear, dark circles, bags and eye puffiness vanish, acne and blemishes fade, looking better without make-up with a natural sunny blush. 

So if you're sick, tired, overweight or just want to feel better than you do right now, this way of eating could be the answer that you are looking for. The raw and living food diet has been one of the greatest miracles in many peoples lives.

Other health benefits include:
-Increased energy
-Better digestion
-Weight loss
-Reduced risk of heart disease

Raw foods are the cleanest burning fuel for the body so it's no surprise that, I've already noticed that I have more energy and mental clarity, brighter eyes, improved skin, better digestion, and slight weight loss too.

I have a wonderful warm feeling of positivity and I'm feeling inspired like I never have before. This is all brand new to me and it's an incredible feeling!
I didn’t experience many detoxing symptoms this week, other than a mild headache, slight nausea, and irritability (probably due to caffeine and sugar withdrawals).

My teeth and mouth started to feel weird too. I'm not sure how to describe the feeling but brushing them immediately helped alot.
I've already learned so much about eating raw and I'm so excited to learn more. All week I've been connecting with people who offer nothing but love, support, and encouragement.

I've noticed that the further I get into it, the more supportive people are: sharing recipes, and offering suggestions and wonderful advice to me. 

Thank you everyone! Your ideas are great!


  1. Hey fellow Canadian (I live in Ontario too) Thanks for the mention :)
    So cool that you're getting into raw food!

  2. Hey, thanks so much Heather!

    It's funny because I saw your cupcakes on Pinterest the other day and I pinned them right away. Then last night I was reading The Sunny Raw Kitchen and I noticed a link to your blog.

    I clicked on the link and there they were again..those same yummy looking cupcakes.

    Not sure but I think that means I have to make them now :) My son agrees too! You should've seen his face light up when I showed him :D